Dekta Engineering Tent Canvas Const.Ind.Tra.Ltd.

We are a tent manufacturer and engineering company in Turkey. Founded in 2004 as a small business in Istanbul. DEKTA Company is has become one of the leading firms in Turkey today with a

Power Plastik Branda Sanayi Ltd.Sti.

tarpaulins, tents, tarpaulin, awning

Abinitio Overseas Inc

Manufactures and Exporters of all kinds of Tents, Tarpaulin, Umbrellas , Canvas Tents, Frame Tents, Army Tents, Military Tents, Waterproof Tents, Ridge Tents, Marquee Tents, Garden Tents, Party

Marmara Tente Branda Golgelik Sistemleri

Awnings, tarpaulins, tents, transparent closure, bolts, clamping system, umbrellas and camellias

Imza Otomatik Kapi Sistemleri San.Tic.Ltd.Sti

automatic doors, barriers, garage door, photocell doors, steel spiral, shipyard doors, tarpaulins, doors, high speed doors, cork barrier, radar glass