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Sbf Cinar Past. Mal. Gida Teks. Tic. Ve San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

SBF Cinar Pastacilik Ltd. Sti. was established by Sefer Sirin, Bunyamin Okumus and Ferit Cokuckun in 2002 under Cinar Gida as individual partnership and took its place at Food Sector with pastry,

Marinas Ic Ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. St.

Our company, operating in international trade, is active in the promotion and marketing of our domestic products in foreign trade, and it also operates in the procurement process of the imported

Metin Is End. Mut. Cih. Mak. Muh. Ltd. Sti.

METIN IS was established in 1980 by Metin BOZOGLAN to manufacture and sell industrial kitchen equipments. In the following years with the participation of son Bayram BOZOGLAN who is Mechanical

Titiz Plastik Dis Tic. San. Ltd. Sti.

Plastics industry in 1984, stepped into the meticulous plastic, institutionalized in 1993, mainly specialized in the production of plastic cleaning products and kitchen utensils. Open structure of

Tr Zafer Grup Plastik Ambalaj Ve Sunger San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Our Firm has been serving in retail sector since 1995.Within a short period of time It has begun to produce emporium requirement plastic, packaging and cleaning products in the name of DESEN and

Ysd Company

Our company is exporting and importing special turkish desserts, candies, olive oil, special spices and kitchen tools. We have also a representative office in Moscow to contact directly for our

Rana Foreign Trade Co Ltd.

HardwareFurniture Edge Banding - Melamine - Veneer- Pvc ( Lipping ), Shelving Shopfitting Storage, Upright ( Slotted Channel), Bracket, Ironing Board,Cloth Drying Frame,Steel And Aluminium Step