Sbf Cinar Past. Mal. Gida Teks. Tic. Ve San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

SBF Cinar Pastacilik Ltd. Sti. was established by Sefer Sirin, Bunyamin Okumus and Ferit Cokuckun in 2002 under Cinar Gida as individual partnership and took its place at Food Sector with pastry,

Dokumis Isi Emaye San. Tic. A.S.

SILVER Group’s foundation was laid by DÖKÜMİŞ ISI EMAYE SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş in 1958. With its 54-year experience, Silver Group has the most state-of-the-art casting and enamel facility in Turkey.

King Pazarlama Ve Dis Ticaret A.S.

Why KING ? • It was founded in 1954. The oldest company in Turkey in small household appliances. It is one of premilary domestic producers in the sector. It began production in 1985 with thermos

Metin Is End. Mut. Cih. Mak. Muh. Ltd. Sti.

METIN IS was established in 1980 by Metin BOZOGLAN to manufacture and sell industrial kitchen equipments. In the following years with the participation of son Bayram BOZOGLAN who is Mechanical

Atmc Danismanlik Proje Makine Ith. Ihr. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Our company is a young company established to implement, which has experienced in different issues more integrated systems of people coming together .Necessary for the establishment and operation of

Hitit Soba Dayanikli Tuketim Mallari San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Starting to manufacture in 2009, HITIT Wood Stove is active in 4000 m2 area in Kayseri Organized Industry Zone. While HITIT Wood Stove started to manufacture, company had bought coal stove and table

Sule Dayanikli Tuketim Mallari Uretim Paz. San. Ve Tic. A.S.

Our Company was established in 1963 with new vision. The Center of Company and production facilities located in Kayseri Organize Sanayi Bolgesi with 15000m² covered and 15000m² uncovered, totally

Dinchan Ltd.Sti

DINCHAN CO. LTD was founded in 1988. It has become a group of companies with activities in different countries. Our areas of activity include manufacturing, import, export and marketing. The products

Ikra Metal Stainless Steel Industry Manufacture

With over 45 years of experience, “IKRA GROUP” continues to be one of the top leading Stainless Steel Cookware manufactures located in Turkey, Kahramanmaras. Manufacturing for over 40 countries

Topuz Emaye Ve Soba San. Tic. Ltd. Sti

Stove, cooker, enamel pipe, stingy, enamel, chimney, stove, coal stove,