Our company that was founded by Mehmet Yumak, one of the leading industrialists of automotive sector in Turkey, and has been displaying activity more than 30 years under the name of “Yumak Motor Turbo” and that produces guaranteed spare parts and units within the truck and TIR groups with high performance and high quality level it showed with its advanced technology, adopted satisfaction of customer as an institutional principle, took the place it deserved both in Turkish market and in international market, mainly in European countries; and has been a desired and preferred brand.Our company that provides service with the developed machine park and equipments within 1000 m² open area and 8000 m² closed; produces all times preferred high quality and guaranteed spare parts and units for the large vehicles such as MAN, MERCEDES, VOLVO, SCANIA, DAF, RENAULT.Recently, demands of our customers in Europe caused us to concentrate on units in brake and clutch systems. In a short period of time, with our knowledge in production techniques and experience in mechanics that made us a preferred company; diversification of units in complete compressor and parts, brake and clutch systems and introduction of new products into the market placed us in a good position.In the other spare parts group, our production in motor, transmission, differential and chassis continue in our factory as a separate group.Address : Ankara Yolu Üzeri Konsan Sanayi Sit. No: 364 Konya-Turkey
Location : Turkey