Established within the Güçlü Group of Companies in 2008, our company carries out professional works in building and building technologies and operates in the production of new and innovative building products. Our company increases its investments every day and grows fast in terms of technology and capacity. Based in Gaziantep / Nurdağı, in our factory erected on an area of 67,000 m2, we produce tents, tent systems, disaster and refugee tents, awnings and sunshade systems, standard and non-standard projects. Our works at home and abroad and the rightful appreciations and likings received by our products further lead us to do much better. Our company is supplier and exporter of tent, tents, military, type, military type tents, diaster, storage, hangar, cylındrıcal, social, life, social life tent, conical type tents, suspension, tension, systems, suspension-tension systems, folding, rail, folding and rail systems, sunshade models, vehicle, production, vehicle production systems, furniture, office, equipment, equipments, seat, seats, manufacture, manufacturers. We will be glad to be your reliable and regular supplier for your requirementsAddress : gaziantep bulvarı 2. km nurdagı GAZIANTEP / TURKEY