Founded in Bursa’s Akçalar district in 1970, Kerevitaş Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. is Turkey’s first company in the retail frozen food sector. Originally focusing upon crayfish export to Scandinavian countries, Kerevitaş began producing frozen fruits and vegetables in 1980 in response to demand from the countries it was exporting to. Kerevitaş became the first company to enter the retail market with a wide range of fruits & vegetables, seafood and pizza varieties in 1990 with its SuperFresh brand, thus introducing Turkish consumers to the “concept of frozen foods,” which was a great innovation at the time. Within a few years SuperFresh added frozen mille-feuille and pastry dough to its range of products, making it the first in its sector to offer these products to consumers. With a total of 43 products in its line of frozen food categories (fruit & vegetable, flour-based products, seafood, and meat and potato products), the SuperFresh brand possesses the widest array of products available on the market. After expanding its range of products with the addition of canned tuna, which it introduced onto the market in 1993, SuperFresh went on to achive another first when it introduced its canned corn in 1994. The company later expanded its range of products yet further with a variety of canned produce and prepared foodstuffs. With its innovative attitude and the importance it gives to both quality and hygiene, SuperFresh has become the sector’s generic brand. In other words, Turkish consumers were first introduced to numerous products, from frozen vegetables to frozen pizza and mille-feuille and pastry dough to canned corn, via the SuperFresh brand. With a total of nearly 300 products in mass consumption and retail, SuperFresh takes meticulous care to make sure that high quality is achieved every step of the way, from the selection of the raw material used in the products all the way up until the product reaches the end consumer. Kerevitaş carries out production in accordance with world standards, and has earned HACCP (food safety) and TSE-ISO-9000 (quality system) certification in recognition of this. Today Kerevitaş Gıda carries out production using modern technology at its factory consisting of five main operations (fruit & vegetable, potato, flour-based products, tuna fish, and seafood) located in indoor facilities measuring 62,000 square meters in area on a 220,000 square meter lot in Bursa-Akçalar. The frozen products, which are stored in storage areas at a constant temperature of -18°C, are distributed using approximately 300 vehicles. The products are then made available for mass consumption and retail at stores in over 10,000 freezer bins. Its General Directorate offices located in Istanbul, Kerevitaş is a public joint stock company that went public on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB) in 1995. SuperFresh products reach domestic consumers via Regional Directorates in the provinces of Istanbul Europe/Asia, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, and Antalya and 43 dealerships in different regions of the country. The company also exports primarily to EU countries as well as Scandinavia, Japan, Russia, the Turkic Republics, countries of the Middle East and countries of the Far East.Address : Üniversite Mah. Bağlariçi Cad. No: 29 Firuzköy/Avcılar - İstanbul, Turkey
Location : Turkey