Reanimed Co. was established in Istanbul the meeting point of Europe and Asia. The company′s main ofice and manufacturing facilities are based. All the work that is to design, assemble, production, sales, installations and after sale services are all carried out there. A team of experts who have been working in this field for over 15 years, are specialized in medical field, they work collectively to execute and accomplish the projects put forward. Our work include 1- Various types of patient bed-head trunking systems, intensive care units, 2- Standard equipment for operating theatres, turn-key operating theatres, 3- Centralised medical gas plants including oxygen, nitrous oxide, compressed air, vacuum and anaesthetic gas scavenging systems, 4- Ambulances and mobile healthcare units, pre-hospital emergency patient handling equipment. The companies recent innovative healthcare products have been developed for use on the latest hospital projects in Europe and the Middle East. ambulance equipments, rotary vane lubricated vacuum pumps, ambulance, ambu mark iii resuscitator, medical gas systems, ambu silicone resuscitator, electromechanical medical systems, ambu laryngeal mask, ambulances, blue sensor elektrod, ambulance conversion, ambu emergency case, automatic panel board, oxygen central, ambu emergency soft pack, single stage automatic board, reanimed resuscitation case, air central station, screw rotary compressors, reanimed emergency bag, filtering chain with by-pass, plano emergency case, air driers, reanimed extrication device (r.e.d.), vacuum central station, air splint kit, medical gas plants, surgical equipment, bed-head units, oxygen flow meter, ambulance equipment, oxygen flow meters, operating theatre equipment, medical gas technology, training manikins, medical gas services, medical equipment, medical gas installation, automatic control board for medical gases, hospital equipments, rotary screw silent compressors, hospital gas systemsAddress : Ofis: Bostancı Yolu, Haseki Sk. No:22 / 34776 Y.Dudullu - İstanbul Turkey Fabrika: Bostancı Yolu, Savaş Sk. No:21 / 34776 Y.Dudullu - İstanbul
Location : Turkey