Pepsa Plastic follows international fairs on plastics and technologies by constantly communicating with specialist organizations abroad. Company adds new technologies, informations, innovations and developments by making R&D activities. By subtracting models in cnc machinery, molds are started to manufacture. Trial production is realized with manufactured molds in Pepsa machinery by using certified raw materials. Sample products are approved by testing in Pepsa structure. Sizes, colour, weight and strenght values are reported and submitted to affirmation of customer. Because of being short time of molds production and production technique, Pepsa makes molds and starts to manufacture small amounts of demanded products at lower costs. Rotation, injection and extrusion technology are used in facilities. Customer request and aesthetic conditions are taken into consideration in mold and design processes of products. Projects are prepared for products with CAD-CAM design support. Product is tested in computer simulation step. Remaining weak spots in the design or product problems which may arise in design are determined by the simulation and if necessary, parts are replaced. Designed prototypes of the products are submitted to affirmation of customer. We have constantly service network all over Turkey for installation, replacement parts and after-sales services.Address : Atatürk Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 10016 Sok No:80 Çiğli - İzmir, Turkey
Location : Turkey