We Özgüney Electrics Company, we built on in a total 34000 m2 area at the 5th expansion area of Organized Industrial Zone in Sincan, Ankara. Our factory is the Turkey’s only factory which has the largest closed area with its 26000 m2 closed manufacturing space. “Özgüney Electrics is the Turkey’s biggest distribution transformer manufacturer with its largest closed production area.” Our main purpose is to develop constantly and to produce high quality products by following and adopting the latest technological developments, in accordance with our customers’ satisfaction and needs. To move forward, we are working to protect the highest quality of our products and maintain the stability with the help of our professional team members. We want to work with our current and potential customers in harmony. As Özgüney Electrics, we produce economical, safe, low loss leveled, long lasting, 25-250 KVA power leveled, up to 36 KV voltage leveled Hermetical Transformers, under our brand name BESE. Also we can produce special type transformers for demands of our clients. With our other brand EFG, we produce 25-250 KVA power leveled, 36 KV voltage leveled, Cast Resin Dry TYPE Transformers, with natural air cooling system (AN) or fan cooling system (AF) options.Address : Aso 1. Osb 2. Tevsii Alan 5. Kısım E2 Parsel Sincan / Ankara, Turkey
Location : Turkey