Our firm was established by İban Duman in 1975.It has been a leader firm with its coming innovations in its sector and occurred works so that feels proud of this. Our firm has a 15.000 m2 opened areas and 7000 m2 closed areas. We use last technologies in our production.In our machine department, there are laser workbench by controlled computer,CNC lathes and CNC processing center, robot weld machine, paint unity that reaches degree of 160 when we present our products to our customers in preparation phase.The produced machines are appropriate for standards of Europe with our expert personnels and 48 workers. We export our machines to 5 countries of World so that it is an evidence of our machines and modern.Our firm renew itself and follows agricultural developments in our country and abroad to give a quality service.We will document our quality to the whole of the World,with ISO 9001-2000 (the system of quality & guarantee) that will be taken soon. combined grain machine, pulse seed drill machine, modern agricultural machines, pneumatic seed drill machine, agricultural equipment, hydraulic lift trailed type offset goble disc-harrow, agriculture machines, hoe machinery, spring type hoe machinery, agricultural machines, disc harrow, agricultural equipment manufacturers, roller, big frame, agricultural machines producer, frenc type subsoiler, Turkish agricultural machine manufacturer, olive harvester machine, agricultural machines supplier, pumpkin harvester machine, zucchini harvester machine, tractor satef cabs, agricultural machines wholesaler, hydraulic lift, ozduman agricultural machine, field machines, olive harvester machine producer, harvester machine manufacturer.Address : 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Bayrampaşa Cad. Güvençli Sok. No: 7-Selçuklu - Konya, Turkey
Location : Turkey