Carrying out production in their factory having 9.500 covered area established on 12.000 square meter area in the Nevşehir Organized Industrial Zone, Nevpa is the leader organization in the production of commercial transporting vehicle accessories. Nevpa, with 150 personnel and more than 300 product range, offers service to more than 1000 local customers in 81 provinces via 4 Regional distribution centers established in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Konya besides Nevşehir. Having realized major exports to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Azerbaijan through Foreign country Sales Coordinating office located in Istanbul, Nevpa has been carrying out activities to be a demanded brand in the Russian and European markets. Maintaining their activities to make their name renown in the world�s market, Nevpa has proved themselves in terms of the quality and product variation with their technological investments they have made. Nevpa has chosen the icon of the �Tulip�, which has become identical with Turkey as the emblem renewing their visual identity at the manner required by the age Having started to the production with 10 � 15 kinds of product portfolio with wooden case products 30 years ago, Nevpa now uses the latest technologies required by the production. Attaching importance to the R & D activities in the recent years, Nevpa has increased the quality of their present product portfolio with the engineers and technicians who work in their structure. Nevpa bears the honor of the only company to have a professional working mentality on the new product projecting in Turkey. Being quite aware how each of the produced part is of an importance in terms of soul and property safety, Nevpa subjects their products to all sorts of the safety and quality tests and presents to the market only when they are sure of their qualities. After the investments they have made especially since 2006, Nevpa proves how they have conveyed their production quality further with the spare parts and accessories they have sold to the trailer manufacturers who became a brand in Turkey and the world in a very short time such as 2 years orienting to R & D and trained personnel employment. Forming their marketing strategy on the philosophy �unconditional customers satisfaction�, Nevpa has shown the after sale service quality as being right after each product they have produced up till today and brought what is required to be done as the leading company in their sector in this way. Nevpa acts with the conscious that the products which are amongst the production and sales program are of the intermediate goods status and provides contribution to the increase of the total quality in the sector with the enhancement of the product quality. Overage in the product variation requires a very serious production planning activity. Nevpa has divided their factory into 9 divisions so as to carry out the production planning healthily. The molds of the products whose projects are completed are taken out of the �Mold making Division� and sent to the Press Division�. After the processes applied in the �Production with chips�, �Coating�, �Static Painting�, �Drilling�, �Welding� and Aluminum cover� divisions according to the production variations, the produced parts are gathered in the �Assembling� unit. The products which are controlled by the Quality Control department are offered to be sold by packaging. closed casing equipment, refrigerated box equipment, set products, trailers, machinery, pvc profile, rubber profile, profile products, NEVPA,Address : Özel Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Aksaray Yolu Üzeri 10. Km Nevşehir, Turkey
Location : Turkey