We introduce our company as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of quality spare parts to many countries. Our company was established in 2001 as after experience of 25 years in manufacturing and export sectors. Our company is exporting high quality truck spare all over the world more than 30 countries. Some of our export items are: Flywheel, Flywheel housing, Oil radiator cap, Oil radiator head, Gear box housing, Bell hub, Differential case, Piston, Cylinder liner, Ring,Engine valve, Valve seat, Valve quide, Gasket, Servo clutches, Complete compressor and compressor parts, Flexible pipe for exhaust, Rubber parts for mainly European trucks. All our goods approved by Iso 9002 quality certificate and the Quality of our goods has been approved by international Markets and customers. Our company is ready to serve all the customers, Our principal is always developing quality and customers satisfaction. We hope to give you our best service with best quality. automotive spare parts, ring, auto spare parts, engine valve, water pump, valve seat, exhaust manifold, valve quide, slack adjuster, gasket, air compressor, servo clutches, clutch servo, complete compressor, bell hub, compressor parts, air bellows, flexible pipe for exhaust, air compressors, rubber parts for mainly european trucks, axle parts, flywheel housing, body parts, flywheel, brake parts, air compresor, engine parts, flexible pipe actros, exhaust parts, flexible pipe inox actros, flywheel and gear, clutch servo, gearbox and clucth, intake manifold, oil pump, cooling parts, intercooler hose, air filter, rubber parts, axle parts, flywheel housing, brake, oil radiator cap, brake parts, oil radiator head, clutch parts, gear box housing, oil pump, differential case, truck part, piston, truck spare part, cylinder liner,Address : Büsan Sanayi Sitesi Fevzi Çakmak Mah. Çelik Cad. No: 27 Konya, Turkey
Location : Turkey