Lampa, plastic card, since the entry into working life, has always been a pioneer in. Laminating machines the 1980s produced the first few years. Worked on the 5-year unrivaled. Immediately after, plastic spiral binding machines and spirals system has produced and worked for 5 years unrivaled. Card production sets, Laminating machines and card cutting systems, has produced. As the manufacturer still unbeatable in this regard on the basis of the manufacturer worked and still has his opponent. Poor quality and cheap Chinese goods and Sunday to find the arrival of minimizing the production of devices with the aforementioned, only the plastic card production-oriented and professional staff, adequate equipment and infrastructure and many years experience with every kind of plastic card is currently using the supplier and development partner has become.Over time, continuous self-improvement Lampa, boasts all the aforementioned features and superior service to our esteemed customers in understanding and disposal service.Address : 1.Cd. No:6 ─░skitler-Ankara, Turkey
Location : Turkey