KOLUMAN KÖGEL TREYLER SANAYİ A.Ş. – Koluman Kögel is a member of KOLUMAN Holding that is one of the continuous improved leader enterprises in the Turkish Automotive Industry since almost 50 years. Besides Turkey, Koluman Kögel has built its reputation among the Middle East, Balkans and Asian countries with its achieved activities in the sector. KKTS meets the requirements of customers with its trailers, produced with the KÖGEL licenced that is one of the biggest three trailer manufacturer in Europe. Knowledge and production of Kögel Licensed Semi-trailers, Rohr Licensed Fuel Tankers, and Fire Fighting Vehicles that is produced under the technical agreement with Rosenbauer AG., and many other superstructure types, also with the sales of JUNJIN brand concrete pumps. Koluman Kögel, with 100% Turkish capital, produces on total area of 300.000 square meters of which 20.000 square meters is covered and provides employment for about total 300 people. Since KKTS posses the widest product range in Turkey, they produce different vehicles for different sectors. Besides projects for private sector, Koluman Kögel has large industrial interests of Turkish Military Forces, Turkish State Railways, General Directorate of Rural Services, and General Directorate of Highways, Ministries, and Fire Brigades. As Koluman Group targeted international market other than national market, they are realizing an investment in Romania-Bucharest on an area of 200.000 square meters. This Koluman Romania facility will operate the sales of commercial vehicles, Koluman Kögel products and will provide the after sales service. Settling of this project is expected to be completed in year 2009. Through Koluman Romania facility and the following partner facilities Koluman Group is targeting to expand their distribution channels. Therefore sales of products, produced in Turkey, would perform step by step to the international market. Koluman Kögel, is proud to represent our country in the global competition, and will carry on the superior service and all along improvement tradition of Koluman Holding by signing innovative projects and its quality throughout the world. court insider, tarpaulin, fire fighting vehicles, tanker semi trailer, low - bed semi trailer, tipper semi trailer, special vehicles products, truck mounted tipper, Koegel, Rohr, RosenbauerAddress : Yenice Otoyol Cıkısı Tarsus, Turkey
Location : Turkey