We, as ITM Turhol, produce several certificated fertilizers, including: organic granular and pelletized fertilizers, organic liquid fertilizers, leaf fertilizers and chelated micronutrients at the Industrial Area of Antalya. We are in this sector since 1989 and thus the pioneer firm that introduced organic fertilizers into Turkey with Dutch know-how and technology. Our firm is widely known in Turkey for its high-quality range of products. fertilizers, organic fertilizers, organic granular fertilizers, pelletized fertilizers, organic liquid fertilizers, dripping irrigation fertilizers, liquid leaf fertilizers, chelated micronutrients, soluble powder, micro elements, chelated soluble powder, wheat fertilizers, special fertilizers, soil conditioners, ORG-E-VIT, BIO BALANCE, TERRAVIT, KAL, B'YAPP, REXOLIN,Address : Antalya Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 1. Cadde Antalya, Turkey
Location : Turkey