DURUM GIDA was founded within the Arbel Group, and is one of the leading producers in the pasta and semolina industries in Turkey, applying international standards in its modern and high-capacity plants in Mersin.

With innovative and extensive investments, DURUM GIDA offers the Arbella Pasta and Arbella Semolina brands to its customers in the national and international markets. Produced from carefully-selected, high quality, and 100% hard durum wheat, Arbella Pasta is processed by an expert team in state-of-the-art laboratories and in computer-controlled, fully automated, modern and integrated production plants. Our products are regularly examined through quality control tests before and during the production process, and also before and after packaging.

Offering 18 different varieties which appeal to the Turkish taste, our pasta can easily reach every corner of our country thanks to its expanding distribution network. Our brands have gradually had an increase in its brand awareness level due to intensive advertising and promotion. Our aim is to make this economic, delicious, practical, and nutritious food source a more popular and more widespread product in our country. Arbella Pasta has been a pioneer in this regard, and stands out in the industry.

Arbella Semolina continues to have a strong connection with its customers through its high quality and expansive distribution network. Exported increasingly to approximately 80 countries, the high-class DURUM GIDA products are successfully competing with other giant producers in the international market.Address : Yeni Mah. Cumhuriyet Bulvarı 73/4 Mersin Turkey
Location : Turkey