By the founder Mehmet Sukru UNAT our company has been one of the leading companies in the Automotive sector in Southeast Anatolia region for over 40 years with a very successfull past and continues with the vision of being a regional leader in service sector. As Unat Group we are in the business of MAN, OTOKAR, MAZDA vehicles, spare parts and services. Behind the success of our company there is customer oriented management principle. By targeting superior service quality as Diyar-MAN Automotive under Unat Group we give 4 main services to our customers: 1 - Sale 2 - Aftersale Services (Service, Spare Parts, Accessories) 3- Financial Services about AUtomotive 4 - Second-Hand Auto Sales. Our group company has become one of the most well-known brands in East and Southeast Anatolia with quality and integrity principles. Diyar-MAN has an important market share in the region by serious vehicle sales with combining MAN quality and institutionalism.Address : Şanlı Urfa Yolu Üzeri 8. Km - Diyarbakır, Turkey
Location : Turkey