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Precise.Travel Turkey organizes all of your travel needs for Turkey. We have customized tours which provide unique cultural experiences, including specialized relic and Biblical tours. Whether you want to

Precise Tours Turkey

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, with a group or solo, Precise Tours will provide a high quality, professional, cost-effective and hassle-free travel service. We are the source for

Yusuf Ekmen Insaat Gida A.S

yusuf ekmen Inc., yusuf ekmen, ankara, holding, endorsement, construction, industrial, Inc.

Best Hotel Konya Turkey (Safir Otel)

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Erdem Tekstil Ve Kumascilik

We, as Erdem Tekstil ve Kumascilik, are a textile company that produces every kind of knitted fabrics. Our company carries out its production in 5000 m2 closed area and our annual production is 6600

Bilge Makina Kalip

Bilge Makine Kalip was established in 2008 at Tuzla Birmes Industry Zone. We have the capacity of any mold production and bulk product demands with qualified and experienced staff and machinery.

Can Tercume Merkezi

Founded in Ankara in 2013, Can Translation Agency has been serving on translation of documents in almost every industries and provides interpreting services to many customers ,n and out of the

Sercons Sertifika Merkezi

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