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Temel Kirtasiye Hed. Esya Tic. Ltd. Sti.

TEMEL KIRTASIYE was established in Istanbul in order to meet stationery products, paper products and office supplies. Operating in this industry for more than 33 years, company offers wide range of

Olusum Kirtasiye

Starting its business life in stationery products and office supplies in 1999, OLUSUM KIRTASIYE added digital printing products in its product portfolio in 2006. Having the latest technological

Sems Kirtasiye Ith. Ihr. Ve Dahili Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Sems Kirtasiye was established in Istanbul in 1979. Company has been one of the well known establishments with its high quality stationery and office products in domestic market in a short time.

Selen Tekstil Kirtasiye Ic Ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti.

SELEN TEKSTIL KIRTASIYE was established in Istanbul. Manufacturing stationery products and office supplies, company operates in compliance with international standards by prioritizing customer

Karaoglu Kirtasiye Ofis

KARAOGLU KIRTASIYE OFIS was established by Celal Karaoglu in 1973. Manufacturing stationery products and office supplies, compnay has been a well known establishment in domestic market. Adopting

Coskun Kirtasiye

Hıdır and Ali Coskun brothers, in 1988, described as the heart of the Cağaloğlu stationery industry in the area of 5 square meters of 47 personnel to carry out wholesale stationery Coates established

Dunya 2000 Ofis Ve Kirtasiye

Having been established in Istanbul, DUNYA 2000 OFIS VE KIRTASIYE operates in stationery products and packages for more than 15 years. With its experience and knowledge in these industries, company

Cem Kirtasiye Buro Malzemeleri Ve Gida Tic. San. Ltd. Sti.

Cem Kırtasiye Büro Malz. Ve Gıda Tic. Ltd. Şti. established in 1998, has been importing various kinds of stationery and gift items from Far East Countries primarily China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. It has

Ay Kirtasiye Ve Bilgisayar Malzemeleri

AY KIRTASIYE VE BILGISAYAR MALZEMELERI was established in Maltepe district of Ankara for the purpose of meeting stationery products and office supplies requirements in foreign and domestic market.

Akgun Kirtasiye

Akgun Kirtasiye was established by Osman Nuri Akgun in Menemen district of Izmir in 1948. Operating in more than 66 years in this industry, company offers office supplies, toner cartridge, printer