Pulverizators category

Agroseed Tohum

we are producing vegetable seed and organic fertilizer.

Atg Endustriyel Teknnoloji A.S.

Entering the construction sector with polyurethane spray foam in 2000 ATG Industrial Technology started industrial revolution with polyurethane and polyurea spray machines. The technology changing

Yavuz Agriculture Machines Ltd. Sti.

agricultural machinery,Bale lifts,leveling shovel,tractor front loader,rear loader tractor,scoop,tractor front bale holder,feed mixing and dispensing machines,mineral fertilizer distributing

Mpg Makina Produksiyon Grubu A.S.

MPG Machinery Production Group manufactures truck mounted hydraulic knuckle and telescopic boom mobile cranes, tree transplanter machines and lifting platforms with “Kombassan ACAR” brand. MPG

Etkin Kaynak Welding Equipments Spare Parts - Welding Supplies

Etkin Kaynak welding equipments was found in Konya city in 1990 and intended to supply all essentail equipments and spare parts for welding devices. We are the first company in Turkey for production

Lukas Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. Milking Machines

LUKAS manufactures and sells milking machines, agricultural machines, tractor spare parts in Konya since many years. We sign our products by our quality as we beleive the quality is not changable

Wirax International Tarim Makinalari Gida Ithalat Ihracat San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Starting of our Foreign Trade experince begins in 1994 years.We have completed our profession with WIRAX s.r.l. company where the head Office in Romania under the name of WIRAX INTERNATIONAL in

Ozkan Oto. Tar. Mak. Ins. Taah. Nak. Gida Tar. Urun. Ith. Ihr. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

We started to work by repairing some agricultural tools and equipments in a 60m2 place in 1979. We fallowed the changing and developping agricultural technology and tried to response of our farmers

Totan Makina Tarim Gida San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Totan Machinery Agricultural Machinery Industry in 1994 began to provide services in City of Industry, and has served on several areas to this day. Up to this time, our company has adopted continuous

Uyanik Yataganli Agricultural Machinery Industry Trade

Our company is in agricultural machinery sector since 1969. For 15 years working with a lot of african countries so the factory is known and famous company in that sector. we are believeing our