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Global Partner Elevator

Global Partner Elevator, as can be understood from our name and brand, being your global partner, gives service for lift materials for local and foreign customers. In this case, our most important


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Elvan Imp & Exp Co, Ltd.

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Om Elektrik San Ve Tic Ltd

OMSAN Center office in Istanbul and Factory in Gebze - is wholly focused on production of elevator/lift components which consist of a wide range of options. It is possible for each client to

Dapsan Ltd.Sti. Passenger Elevators Load Lifts Escalators Turkey

Our company purposes manufacturing of vertical transport in buildings and the quality of our products carry the brand and trust it to tell of all liability under the assurance that valuable

Suzhou Hitech Elevator Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Hitech Elevator CO.,LTD mainly specializes in design and manufacturing of complete elevators, escalators and related spare parts. So far, our products have been working in four continents,

Ehad International Foreign Trade Llc.

E-HAD Brokerage Service Consulting serves in particular, Building Construction, Marble and Mining Sectors. Firm our country as well as in the nation between the direct and indirect relationships with

Bsb Asansor San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti

Sector, which has 24-year history and was established in 2006 BSB Elevator Co. Ltd. Sti. of the elevator car industry to produce new models quickly and surely as a sign to announce its own brand has