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Ozyildirim Plastik Kalip - Playing Garden Equipments

Özyıldırım Plastic has been established in 1993 to manufacture different kinds of plastic items such as a few type industrial drums.In the meantime we also start to produce exclusively mannequins,

Bocek Display Mannequins

Bocek Display Mannequins is a display mannequin producer and exporter which had been founded in 2010. Although it's a new founded company, it has become a well-known brand in Turkish market thanks to

Xincheng Scientific Industries Co.,Ltd

Xincheng Scientific Industries Co., Ltd. (Previous name: Shanghai Xincheng Cultural & Educational Instuments Co., Ltd.), specializes in manufacturing and marketing of "XinCheng" brand models under

Merit Display Figures Turkey

We are an exporter / manufacturer of Display Equipments specialized on Fiberglass Polyester Mannequins, Custom Made Art Mannequins, Plastic Busts and Torsos, Tailor Dress Forms, Body Forms, Legs,

Sultan Donerli Stand

stand, mannequin, mobile phone, watches, stationery, cosmetics, posting a4, photography, advertising, promotion, wedding dresses, shoes, real estate