Turan Defne Gıda founded in 1997 the brand for pre-packaged food DEFNE GROUP, that has achieved to become one of the indispensable producers of the European market as soon as it was established. Our company, has taken its place among the grocery store chains in Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Russia. Our company is listed in the first two ranks in the market share with each of its products among its 200 variety of products, that are marketed. Our company has established its factory to produce jam and tomato paste in Menemen Free Zone in 2011 under the constitution of Turan Defne Gıda. Products as a combination of hygiene, health and taste are manufactured in accordance with the demands of consumers and by expertised and equipped staff.Address : Ladin Sokak No: 17 İzmir Serbest Bölge Menemen - İzmir, Turkey
Location : Turkey