Nuts and serious work ethic years of experience, our company operates with its own 4500 m2 closed area has 10,000 m2açık. Our company with experienced personnel responding to domestic and overseas customers verilmektedir.1988 'exports to the issue since our company started to pay attention to quality, maximum prices are minimum dimensions. Top quality materials selected from the main primary production and export our products White Chickpeas, Yellow Chickpeas, Roasted Chickpeas Candy, Crunchy Chickpeas, Pumpkin Seeds, nuts (raw-roasted) ... products such as our long-term excellence to protect to protect the stringency and experienced staff of our product. Developing technology kosgeb technology development support Strategic Road Map plan and space our company also food engineers carried out by the R & D activities as a result you better quality, taste and long shelf-life products to offer are pleased. Our selection of materials and prescribe synthetic (artificial) materials and natural materials are preferred, especially edilmişt is avoided. This valuable products to consumers without breaking the same taste makes every effort to deliver. 1966 ... Since most appropriate to the Turkish palate taste, quality nut and give the best service and always leave if you prefer to view your live, with love ... This is our happiness would like to express our gratitude. With this approach you KIRBIYIK many more years in the same longing and determination will continue to serve. Our factory processed products, according to the origin of goods from çeşitlibölge meticulously and carefully by experienced personnel is mübayaa from producer. Our factory are transported, and the class is divided into various transactions geçilip size and is ready to be roasted. In this regard, our sales raw (unroasted) and roasted is. Buyers are recognized by the company to the consumer. 19,662 s of years until this day passing through various stages and serving you for the past nearly 40 years, our company is pleased with the honor.Address : Hacı Eyüplü Bulvarı 3126 Sokak No:8 - Denizli, Turkey
Location : Turkey