Our company, bearing Dicle Petrol Food and Agricultural Products Industry and Trade Limited Company, first went into action into 1990, and then it is carrying on its activity under the name of Dicpet Food Chemistry Textile and Cleaning Products Industry and Trade Limited Company. Our company is day by day expanding its product range and carrying out exportation and importation activities with a great many countries. Our company, which carries on its trade activities about Food, Chemistry, Textile and Cleaning Products, makes use of its 22-year experience, and through its officially registered brand, it offers as many as 30-35 different product by taking quality and standards of the Food market. Our company does not only carry out exportation and importation activities; through its entrepreneurial spirit, it is also in service with its packaging plant in Mersin Free Trade Zone. This packaging plant has a daily capacity of 150 tons. In this way, our company is in service in many different branches of industry-economic activity and contributes to both national economy and employment. Our company “with the slogan of Taste Spreading out around the World” renders service to Middle-East countries and other countries in the world under the brand of Rubis. It has also an export volume of 20 million $.Address : Değirmiçem Mahallesi 14 Nolu Sokak No: 8 Efes İş Hanı Kat:6/20 Şehitkamil - Gaziantep Turkey
Location : Turkey